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Ref NoBMS/45
TitleThe Odontological Society of Ireland minutes
Date20 November 1944-12 December 1949
Extentc.270 pages
CreatorNameThe Odontological Society of Ireland, 1944-1950
DescriptionIn 1944 the Odontological Society formed as a club within the Irish Dental Association. The minutes cover ordinary meetings, committee meetings, annual general meetings as well as reports from the Honorary Secretary. Subjects under discussion include, but are not limited to: Local anaesthesia in cavity preparation, edentulous partial impressions, post operative pain, post operative haemorrhage, diabetic factors in the prevention of caries, is orthodontological treatment contributing to caries, X-ray interpretation, the treatment of dental cysts, penicillin and the sulphonamides in dentistry, dental treatment during pregnancy and operative accidents and complications. Dental caries are also known as tooth decay or cavities. Minutes cover 68 pages only.

In 1949 the Odontological Society applied for membership of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland and held its first meeting in 1950 there as the Odontological Section of the Academy. RCPI holds the records of the Section of Odontology, Royal Academy of Medicine see RAMI/3/8/1.
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TermMedical societies